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We Rebranded! Feel good Food At home is now Nourish to heal

Local to Hunterdon County, I studied nutrition at the University of Vermont, got my masters and finished dietitian credentialing at West Virginia University. Since then my experience has varied, but always stayed in the field of food and nutrition. My private nutrition practice was called Nourish to Heal and my focus was to help clients heal their relationship with food and create health within their bodies.
Anthony and I started The Clean Plate Kitchen and with having 2 little girls and life, I had to take a break from Nourish to Heal.
Our restaurant, The Clean Plate Kitchen, was created out of love and passion, in creating a place where everyone could eat and enjoy Feel Good Food. Now, eight years later, in this chapter of our lives and given the state of the world, The Clean Plate Kitchen became no longer enjoyable for us to own and operate. The stress of the pandemic helped confirm for us that it was time to evolve and find a way to enjoy the work that is a huge part of our lives again.
Nourish to Heal is a transformation of our original intention to nourish our community and share our passion about nutrition, local food, and community. I am so excited for the re-emergence of Nourish to Heal and bringing the joy back into our work, our food, and our lives.
We are so grateful for the support of the community and excited to see how this part of our journey evolves, with a constant reminder of our mission Nourish to Heal our bodies, minds, and spirits with Feel Good Food!

Hi, I'm Nicole!

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