Wellness Healing

Wellness Healing & Intuitive Therapy

I incorporate intuitive therapy as part of my integrative nutrition practice which takes a holistic approach using food as the foundation for optimal health. The first step towards a healthy lifestyle always begins with your daily diet. Integrative nutrition looks at the connections you have with food on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. We’ll look for correlations between your diet and lifestyle using intuitive and integrative nutrition therapies. With this process we will identify the triggers and treat the underlying issues while modifying your lifestyle.

Your diet is only one part of my wellness healing program. As we work together I’ll look at the foods you favor and what foods comfort you. We’ll go beyond analyzing the nutritional value and explore the impacts and connections your food choices have with your emotions, relationships, career, and even spiritual values. We’ll use these connections to uncover what steps are involved for you to reach a perfect balance between body, mind and spirit.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a Western form of meditation based on a 2,500 year old Buddhist practice. Also commonly known as Vipassana or Insight Meditation, practicing individuals develop the ability to focus on their experiences, both internally and externally with patience and acceptance. You learn to focus on the present, becoming aware of what your body and spirit requires. Through generations of conditioning we tend to neglect our surroundings, constantly thinking of what’s ahead or reflecting on past decisions. Mindful meditation shows us how to “stop and smell the roses.” Through this wellness healing program we will practice mindful meditation daily. You’ll develop the ability to cope with and resolve the negative energies surrounding you. One of the most important benefits to mindful meditation is the fact that you will learn to accept yourself for who you are, including your shortcomings. In the end this will make you much more compassionate towards others and your surrounding environments.

Mindful meditation has been the subject for thousands of studies in the past fifty years. It has proven to be very effective in the wellness healing realm, as it assists individuals with their stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsions and even chronic pain and management. The benefits also include a heightened functionality in immune systems and memory receptors, increased interpersonal skills and large improvements to digestion and sleep.

Through practice you will learn how to absolve yourself from the preoccupations that accompany a wandering mind. Your full attention will be directed towards the events unfolding in front of you. In addition to this clarity you’ll also be able to detach yourself from emotions fueled by past experiences. Without these emotions clouding your mind you will be able to make unbiased decisions with a fully conscious mind.

Healing Energy Work

Everything in the universe, from the plants and water to humans and animals are made of energy. It’s the power source that supports the building blocks and pathways of our bodies surrounding us each day fueling all of our movements. Our energy nourishes us on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. We all have two types of energy fields. The first is created by our emotions, thoughts, and actions. This can also be referred to as your chakra or aura. It’s ultimately created by our existence. The other field that surrounds us is the universal life force energy. In order for us to function correctly, both of these energies must maintain a certain balance. Reiki and Intuitive therapy are common practices to balance these fields. Both therapies redirect the energy flow to the correct pathways and cleanses the body of any impurities.

We are good health when we maintain a balance between the energies within and around our body. Our emotions and actions contribute to our energy’s fluctuation. Outside influences, experiences, and environments can all play a role in it’s effects as well. Through the trials and tribulations of life it can become unbalanced or damaged. This can be caused by anxiety, depression, physical pain and more. We can assist you to balance your energy, promote spiritual growth and mental clarity by properly balancing your energy. With the help of this wellness healing program, we’ll help you to find calmness and clarity in not only your relationship with food, but with your life. Once you treat the imbalances using other wellness healing programs like mindfulness meditation is a great way to maintain a balance between your body, mind and spirit.

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