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Finding the right professional to plan your nutritional and wellness needs can be a daunting task. With there being so many directions you can head towards, finding someone to meet your needs can be stressful and overwhelming. We can try to make the selection process as easier by offering a FREE 15 minute Skype consultation.  I will answer any questions you may have about my programs and will also gain insight on your particular situation from the comforts of your home or office. After answering any questions you may have, we will determine if my nutrition and wellness therapy programs apply to your specific case. My main goal is to give you some insight and direction on what your next step towards a healthy lifestyle should be. So let’s get started, click below to give me a call today!

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Nicole Schaldone

If I’m online we’ll talk immediately, but if I’m not feel free to leave a message on my voicemail. I will return all messages at my earliest convenience in the order in which I received them. If you do not have Skype you can call my business line: (908) 581-4217.

How To Get Started in Nutrition Therapy

As a registered dietitian, I can advise you on the best practices in nutrition therapy. My goal is to create a plan specific to your case and assist you in forming simple, healthy habits. Since we all have a lifelong relationship and history with food we will begin your nutrition therapy program where you need the most support.

After our introductory Skype consultation, we’ll meet in person in your home or other preferred location in person (or on Skype) and review your dietary habits, lifestyle, and medical history. This information will serve as the baseline for your specific nutrition therapy program. We will select the programs that would greatly benefit your specific case, choosing from the nutrition and wellness programs I offer. After discussing your goals and issues, we will setup a series of follow-up appointments. During our follow-up appointments we’ll track your progress. I’ll also analyze your success as you overcome the underlying issues that have affected your dietary habits and well-being.

What I will review:

  • Medical and social history
  • Dietary habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Existing lab work
  • Medications 
  • Dietary supplement regimen
  • 24 hour recall of dietary intake

What your health and wellness plan will include:

  • Establish dietary goals an protocols
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Suggest further lab work for tracking goals
  • Prioritize your goals around what will fit into your lifestyle
  • Make an easy to follow, personal dietary plan
  • Any additional nutrition and wellness programs
  • Arrange follow-up appointments to track progress

During your nutrition therapy program we will go beyond just making recommendations based off of nutrient intake. We’ll design and develop recipes that appeal to you and your family. All of the recipes in your nutrition therapy program will be inspired by the amount of time you realistically have and your actual interest in food preparation and cooking. From there, we’ll incorporate physical activities and find programs that also work within your time constraints and interests.

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