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About Nicole Schaldone MS, RD

Each person is completely different, with unique symptoms, experiences, genetics, lifestyle and stories that create you, the individual that I see when we first meet. My approach to working with you is not only to focus on the food, but how closely connected your relationship with food effects your life. Food is the gateway to discuss many other aspects of your life. You will learn what to eat and how to choose foods to nourish your body. While we work on the body, we will also work on calming the mind and beliefs about food, as well as the spirit and how you feel about food. Creating balance of the body, mind, and spirit with healing foods, calming words, and inspiring thoughts.

You’re in good hands, as I’ve always been passionate about food, getting creative in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors, enjoying nature, and leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

About Nourish to Heal

Nutrition counseling

I started Nourish to Heal to help guide clients to make healthier choices and long-lasting life changes. With my unique approach I have created a bridge from the conventional medical model to the more natural and alternative health choices. I am a Registered Dietitian with experience in the clinical medical field, including a specialty in oncology nutrition and an emphasis in gastroenterology. My background gives me the ability to understand the language and medical options available. Looking for a way to expand while incorporating more natural, less invasive suggestions gives me the ability to provide a holistic approach between both worlds, helping you find the perfect balance.

For our appointments I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. I will always come to you, which allows us to meet in the comforts of your own home or any location convenient for you. When we meet for our first appointment, we will begin with addressing any concerns you may have. Through a series of questions and responses we will create an individualized plan to improve your symptoms, achieve your goals, and succeed in making changes. Together we will look at you as a whole person, not just a diagnosis or a weight on the scale. With my help you will learn how to simplify the complexities of making intelligent health choices by prioritizing and supporting your specific needs.

My Nutrition Counseling & Wellness Healing Services

As a registered dietitian, I will show you the best practices to form healthy habits. Every person has his or her own history with food, so I begin where you need support. My nutrition counseling and wellness healing are specific to you and what your body, mind and spirit require. There are two sides to my integrative nutrition-counseling program: Nutrition and Wellness.

Nutrition counseling focuses on your diet and physical issues. I’ll show you how your current diets are impacting your health. Physical problems can definitely be a result of a poor diet, allergies to food, lack of exercise or not enough sleep. From there I will develop a nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Wellness healing helps you reduce your stress while identifying the triggers. Wellness imbalances may result from a mental, emotional or spiritual need not being met. Together, using intuitive therapy and healing energy work, we’ll figure out what the underlying causes are and what holistic treatments are right for you.


My recommendation is to review your insurance plan before seeking counseling. When checking with your insurance company, mention my name and that I am a Registered Dietitian. Find out if codes 97802 or 97803 are covered by your policy. Not all insurance plans cover nutrition counseling. I’d be more than happy provide receipts and documentation for insurance companies.

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Over my career I have made some amazing lifelong relationships with some great products and businesses. I recommend and use these products and businesses during my nutrition counseling.


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If you want more information about my credentials and experience, please take a look at my resume. To learn more about Nourish To Heal please contact me. I would love to speak to you about how my nutrition and wellness therapy programs can help balance your body, mind and spirit!

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