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Hopefully you are feeling excited – when I am eating a super clean diet, I feel extra motivated to get outside. The weather is hot, so I going to see if I can fit in 9 holes of golf this afternoon. (When I play, I fast walk/jog the course to get to my ball and make the next shot – it’s like fitness training course, good thing I’m not worried about what other players are thinking).

Had a little time to play in the kitchen this morning, so thought I’d share some of the recipes and short cuts that I made for today and for the week.

Tried another combination later today (figured out how to get my chocolate fix without sugar)
1 scoop SP Complete
about 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 small banana
2 cups ice
about 1 cup water
mix in blender

Made some guacamole
2 avocado
handful cherry tomatoes
couple tablespoons chopped onions
little bit of jalepeno pepper
chopped a little bit of sundried tomatoes
fresh ground pepper
I ate it with some brown rice crackers (the only ingredients are brown rice, tamari, and salt).

Dinner tonight in addition to another shake, I’m planning to have lots of veggies…
Sauteed garlic, onions, and zucchini – probably add some mushrooms, bell peppers and/or tomatoes. I use lots of fresh herbs for flavor and a little sea salt and ground pepper
May add an egg on top if I’m feeling hungry.

Hope you are enjoying the fresh food ideas and cleaning up your diet!


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