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Nourish to Heal balances Body, Mind, and Spirit

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My name is Nicole Schaldone, MS, RD. I have a clinical background as a Registered Dietitian and incorporate a holistic approach to nutrition into my practice. Starting with nutrition we look at your individual dietary needs, figure out how to incorporate them into your lifestyle and ultimately improve your quality of life. Let me help you balance your body, mind and spirit.

Balance Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Nourish to Heal is a combination of nutrition and wellness counseling that goes beyond your dietary habits. I will help you simplify the complexities of managing medical conditions, medication, health concerns, and lifestyle issues by working to prioritize your needs. Beyond the diet, cooking, and nutrition, we’ll incorporate counseling, meditation and intuitive therapy into our appointments.  I’ll also help you identify food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities while showing you quick, delicious and healthy recipes for you and your family. Nourish to Heal will help you find your perfect harmony and bring balance to your life once more.

Hunterdon Gluten Free Meetings

Gain Some Support & Guidance

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with celiac disease or have a gluten intolerance, get support at the Hunterdon County Celiac Support Group. All the details can be found on the sign above. Interested in cooking and nutrition class? Looking for a restaurant that can accommodate your dietary needs and preferences? Check out The Dockside Market & Grill in Flemington, NJ. Nourish to Heal and The Dockside Market & Grill are collaborating to provide the community with healthy, real food that tastes good and meets your nutrition needs.

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Getting Started

Nourish to Heal
My nutrition & wellness services gives you the attention you deserve right in the your own home.

Healing Foods

Nourish to Heal
Begin a diet that goes beyond counting calories, obtain the healing properties certain foods contain.

Intuitive Therapy

Nourish to Heal
My wellness programs will help you balance your energy and let go of the issues affecting your life.

About Me

Nourish to Heal
Take a look at how I merged my medical background and holistic experience to start Nourish to Heal.

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